Onestopexpo innovates tools for elevating brands to the next level. - Digital Journal

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California – November 23, 2022 – Renting a trade show exhibit can be a great option for many companies. There are many advantages to renting compared to purchasing a custom exhibit, and some of them include avoiding storage, refurbishment, disposal, inventory management, and other costs inherited by purchasers. It also allows companies to be more strategically flexible from one show to the next. Likewise, it helps to avoid depreciation and costs incurred, requires a smaller upfront investment, provides the flexibility of booth size and shape, and gives a great option for new exhibitors, with less upfront commitment. Led Mesh Screen

Onestopexpo innovates tools for elevating brands to the next level. - Digital Journal

Some of the products and services in Onestopexpo are Exhibition Equipment Rentals, Exhibition Stand Construction,  Exhibition Stand Design, Fair Hostesses, Shipping, Storing, and Rental, Exhibition Modeling, and Graphics Works. 

Onestopexpo supplies the material and equipment necessary for bringing exhibits to life hassle-free and at very competitive rates. Onestopexpo offers a variety of counters, chairs, tables, stools, digital panels, and lighting fixtures that exceed expectations.

Onestopexpo’s fair stands are all brand new and constructed using high-quality materials with a striking design that allows renters to introduce their products and services in the best possible way, keeping them a step ahead of the competition.

“We have set high-quality standards for the materials that we use in the manufacturing of Exhibition Stands. We will never use second-grade materials, low-quality digital printing, or materials that do not comply with safety regulations,” says Kamil Gorgulu, the CEO of Onestopexpo.

“We have years of experience in fair stand design and implementation. Our wide variety of wood and modular stands that are both aesthetic and functional will ensure your company has an edge over your competitors,” he added.

Likewise, as an Exhibition Partner, Onestopexpo provides banners and other advertising media that display logos, product photos, and other graphic images either sent by their clients or created by their design teams. 

Onestopexpo provides professional exhibition hostesses who are business-oriented, intelligent, and educated. Their hostesses possess exceptional communication skills that will put visitors at ease and allow valuable information exchange that will boost exhibit outcomes. Hostesses at Onestopexpo can translate various languages and are also available upon request.

Remarkably, Onestopexpo helps protect investment with trade show exhibit shipping and storage services that are second to none. Their logistics team is experienced in safely shipping exhibits, graphics, and merchandise to and from trade show locations around the world.

Onestopexpo is a popularly known website that offers different products and, services such as exhibition modeling and graphics work, exhibition stand design, and construction, exhibition equipment rental, LED video wall rental, shipping, storing, and renting, and fair hostesses. 

Media Contact Company Name: Onestopexpo Contact Person: Kamil Gorgulu Email: Send Email Address:6180 N. Hollywood Blvd., Suite 105 City: Las Vegas State: Nevada 89115 Country: United States Website:

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Onestopexpo innovates tools for elevating brands to the next level. - Digital Journal

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